Learn About Batt Insulation by Southland Insulators

Batt Insulation Installers in Northern, VA

When asked about insulation, batt insulation frequently comes to mind. Batt insulation consists of flexible fibers of fiberglass or mineral wool (rock wool). It was originally produced in rolls, but today it is precut into standard industry widths and is available in many R-values. The R-value best for your project is determined by building codes, climate and the location of the insulation application.

Batt insulation can be installed with or without facing depending on the level of moisture barrier needed. Climate is the factor that determines how much vapor barrier is required and whether to install batt insulation with or without facing. In some climates the facing (known as kraft-faced batts) acts as the vapor barrier while other climates may require a separate vapor barrier which calls for unfaced batt insulation.

Batt insulation can be applied in almost any area of your home or business including walls, ceilings, attics and floors. Sometimes though, other insulation choices may provide better options, i.e., spray foam insulation or foam insulation.

For maximum efficiency, batt insulation must be installed correctly. Batt insulation should never be packed tightly into an area or compressed as this will compromise the R-value.

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