Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral Wool Insulation Services in Virginia

Mineral wool insulation (also known as Rockwool) has gained popularity in recent years for use in commercial buildings because of its unique and versatile nature. Its many benefits make it ideal for any type of building project, both big and small. One of its most exciting benefits is its natural fire-resistance and high insulating power (R-value).

What is Mineral Wool?

Mineral wool is made from natural volcanic basalt rock and a recycled steel-making byproduct called slag. These ingredients are liquefied, combined, and then stretched into pliable fibers that resemble wool. Mineral wool comes in batts or loose-fill and is available in a range of sizes and R-values.

What are the Benefits of Mineral Wool Insulation?

Mineral wool is a popular insulation choice due to its many benefits:

  • Fire resistance – Mineral wool is naturally fire resistant and can reduce the spread of a fire, providing valuable extra minutes to save people and property and reducing environmental damage.
  • Sound Absorbance – The structure of mineral wool is porous and elastic, making it perfectly structured to absorb sound for a quieter living environment.
  • Moisture Resistant – Mineral wool does not absorb moisture and is resistant to mold and mildew growth.
  • Durability – Mineral wool insulation maintains its performance over time. It is unaffected by humidity and temperature changes and requires no maintenance over the life of the building when properly installed.
  • Ease of Installation – Mineral wool insulation can be easily cut using a serrated knife to fit around penetrations and obstructions. The mix of flexibility and rigidity allows for a quick and complete fit within stud cavities.
  • Lower energy bills – Mineral wool has excellent thermal efficiency to help lower energy bills.

Where are the Best Places to Install Mineral Wool?

Mineral wool is available in a range of product densities, sizes, and specifications for the full building envelope and is designed for all applications including walls, roofs and attics, floors, and ceilings, and in foundation walls and under slab on grade assemblies.

Rockwool mineral wool insulation, one batt in package and another without wrapping.
View of mineral wool insulation that has been cut to fit around an exposed electrical box as it is being installed in the wall frame.
Wall frame with newly installed rockwool insulation.

Creating an Energy Efficient Community

At Southland Insulators, we take pride in our work and our products which is why we use only the finest Rockwool products for our mineral wool insulation projects. We have been working to create a more energy-efficient North Virginia community one building project at a time for over thirty years. Local builders and contractors trust us to complete each job on time and on budget. Contact us today to find out if mineral wool is right for your building project.