Attic Insulation

Add or Upgrade Attic Insulation to Improve Energy Efficiency

If your attic isn’t properly insulated, you are losing about 70% of your home’s energy from upward airflow through the roof. Upward airflow is why adding or upgrading attic insulation is one of the most important investments you can make to improve your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re ready to prevent that energy loss and lower your monthly bills, Southland Insulators is the one to call. As one of the top attic insulation contractors in Northern Virginia, our team of experts is experienced in providing optimal attic insulation solutions.

Expert Attic Insulation Services

The best insulation for attic projects will depend on whether the building is new construction or an existing home, and whether there is already existing thermal insulation in place. Our knowledgeable and experienced home attic insulation team will recommend the right attic materials for your home.

For upgrading the home attic insulation of existing homes, these types of insulation are the most effective:

  • Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation: This is an easy, effective solution that creates an extra layer of protection over your attic’s existing insulation. Since it is blown in, the insulation can easily fill tight, hard-to-reach spaces in your attic.
  • Cellulose Insulation: Made from newsprint and other recycled paper, this is another cost effective option to add more protection to your existing insulation. Like fiberglass, it is also blown in, allowing it to fill virtually any space, even spaces that are difficult to access.

When building a new home, or if the existing home does not already have insulation, these are some excellent options:

  • Spray Foam Insulation: Spray foam attic insulation provides air sealing and insulation in one easy step. It expands to fill all the nooks and crannies in the attic and prevents air, moisture, and pests from entering.
  • Mineral Wool Insulation: Mineral wool insulation is a great choice to insulate and add fire protection. Its inorganic fibers derived from basalt are naturally fire-resistant while insulating as efficiently as other materials.

Air Seal Your Attic to Prevent Leaks

Adding insulation goes a long way toward cutting down on energy loss through the roof, but it’s only part of the equation. Air sealing attic spaces is almost as important as insulation. Sealing air leaks keeps temperature controlled air in and external air out, potentially saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs each year.

There are multiple ways to approach air sealing, the most efficient of which is spray foam attic insulation. Foam insulation insulates your attic and air seals in one step. It is sprayed on and expands to fill the space which blocks any air leaks. Caulking with air sealing material is another way to seal air leaks in your home, but spray foam insulation provides air sealing and R-value in one step.

What an Attic Insulation Upgrade Can Do for You

The purpose of insulation is to prevent heat transfer, keeping the warm air inside your home from escaping in the wintertime and your air conditioned air from escaping through the summertime. While we aren’t often spending time in our attics, attic insulation helps keep the rest of your home at a comfortable temperature. Installing or upgrading your attic insulation with the best types of insulation also has several other benefits including:

  • Improved energy efficiency. A lack of good attic insulation wastes energy and puts unnecessary strain on your heating and cooling systems.
  • Lower energy bills. Your furnace and air conditioner will function more efficiently without air and energy escaping through your roof. This means you will not need to run them as often, decreasing your monthly bills.
  • More even home temperature. Without the heat and cold escaping through the roof or unconditioned air entering the attic, the entire home will have a more uniform temperature.
Fiberglass batt insulation in attic joists.
Spray foam insulation in the ceiling of a peaked attic.

Why Homeowners Turn to Southland Insulators

As insulation contractors in Northern Virginia, Southland Insulators has been providing top quality thermal insulation services for decades. You can trust our licensed and knowledgeable staff to complete your insulation services expertly and on time. We offer a wide variety of installation methods and materials for both residential and commercial buildings.

If you’re ready to see a decrease in your energy bill, contact us today to find out more about our types of insulation for your attic space. We can provide a free estimate and more information about how insulating your attic can save you money today.