Air Sealing

Expert Air Sealing Services by Southland Insulators

Did you know that a relatively simple home service could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year on energy bills? Air sealing is the most popular way to increase energy efficiency as building codes across the country are requiring air exchanges to not exceed 3/5. Southland Insulators knows how to help by increasing comfort while decreasing energy costs. Contact us to get a free quote on our air sealing services in Northern Virginia.

How Does Air Sealing Work?

Air sealing works by preventing the flow of air between the interior and exterior of your home. Warm air finds ways to enter your home during the summer and escape during the winter. Air sealing closes gaps that allow air transfer, impacting your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. By sealing these gaps, you keep the air you want inside your home. Air sealing is a great way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and save you money.

Worker air sealing the floor in an attic.

Seal Air Leaks in Your Manassas, VA or Winchester, VA Home

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that small penetration points around the exterior of their home can add up to big energy bills. By having your home air sealed, you’ll prevent air transfer to help make your family more comfortable and keep more money in your pocketbook. Hidden air leaks are common, and you’ll never know you have them unless you hire a professional team like Southland Insulators to evaluate your home. Heating and cooling make up more than half of your home’s energy consumption, and air leaks account for part of that.

The Benefits of Having Your Home Air Sealed

Our experienced team can perform an inspection to find air leaks throughout your home. One of the main benefits of home air sealing is increased energy efficiency. You’ll notice a difference no matter the age of your home. If you own an older home, that difference will likely be dramatic, with even greater energy savings. Air sealing is also an effective way to improve the indoor air quality in your home by keeping pollen and other outdoor pollutants from entering. When you air seal your home in Northern Virginia, you’ll say goodbye to drafts and enjoy increased comfort levels.

Air Sealing Services for Every Room in Your Home

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the highest air leakage occurs in your home’s ceiling, walls and floors. The next highest areas include penetration points around ducts, fireplaces, plumbing, doors and windows. When you hire the trusted professionals at Southland Insulators, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine the best plan of action for air sealing. Our team at Southland Insulators is the largest independent insulation contractor in the state of Virginia and has been serving homeowners and business owners since 1986. We use recycled materials and recycle insulation scraps and plastic in an effort to remain environmentally-conscious.

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