Tips to Bring Down Summer Energy Bills

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Summer fun is around the corner! Don’t let last year’s high summer energy bills affect this summer. There are many ways to help manage your summer energy bills that aren’t difficult! Here are a few simple things you can do today to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

  1. Turn on ceiling fans: Running your ceiling fans help circulate the cooled air that’s in your home — and creates a slight breeze to make your home comfortable. Have a bath fan? Consider running this or adding a timer. Bath fans help pull humid air out of your home, helping to keep it even more comfortable.
  2. Tune up your HVAC system: Your HVAC system may not be running efficiently. Schedule a service appointment with a qualified contractor. Don’t forget to replace your furnace filter! Does your home have a programmable thermostat? Setting a programmable thermostat to a higher setting during the day can save roughly ten percent on annual energy bills.
  3. Seal air leaks: Sealing air leaks helps keep cool air in and warm air out. Once air leaks are sealed this pays off year-round by keeping cold winter air out and warm air in. Contact our office to schedule an estimate for air sealing.
  4. Grill out: You can help keep your home cool by cooking on an outdoor grill rather than in the kitchen. This is an easy way to reduce stress on your HVAC system and have some summer fun!
  5. Seal air ducts: If the ducts in your home are leaking, conditioned air has a hard time getting to the rooms in your house. This can result in uneven temps in your home and adjusting the thermostat, which can affect energy bills.

Don’t let another summer go by with high energy bills. Try some of these tips. Contact our office with questions on these tips or to schedule a free air sealing estimate.